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SPIRIT DANCE: An Uncommon Love Story by Stephen G. Lonefeather

SPIRIT DANCE: An Uncommon Love Story

by Stephen G. Lonefeather

482 pages
An Uncommon Love Story.

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Category: Fiction
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About the Book
When a Lakota Spirit-Helper guides an abused mixed-blood Sioux woman and a disillusioned Montana cowboy down converging paths, a cocky bronc rider and a headstrong cowgirl let their guards down to experience the softer side of each other, and a broken-hearted Bayou Belle falls in love with a man who harbors a terrible secret, they all unwittingly become the stepping stones of a greater purpose.


Is the first book of this Romantic Adventure Mystery based on the premise that our lives are important threads within a tapestry that is much greater than our individual selves.

It is an adult fiction laced with Native American tenets that influence the calamitous lives of a small group of people brought together by divine providence.

It is a raw, absurd, hateful, joyous, irreverent, spiritual experience that validates the adage: When you find your heart, you will find your way.


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About the Author
Stephen G. Lonefeather writes from his winter home in the mountains of Oregon. He spends his summers guiding tourists in Alaska. A supporter of environmentally responsible practices and an advocate for wilderness preservation, his nature-based lifestyle, and Red Road spirituality are respectfully woven throughout his novels.



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