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Pilgrimage to Paradise by M. C. Franklin

Pilgrimage to Paradise

by M. C. Franklin

228 pages
A voyage to some of the earth's most awe-inspiring holy sites. Remarkable places and their inhabitants offer stirring glimpses into the ancient world of Apostolic Christian faith.

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Category: Travel
About the Book
Pilgrimage to Paradise presents an armchair excursion into some of earth's most awe-inspiring holy sites. Remarkable places and their inhabitants offer glimpses into the ancient world of Apostolic Christian faith. Each destination has a unique story to tell which, coming from the past, affects the present and has profound significance for modern people. This book inspires, educates, and bears the reader away to lands and times which, though distant, have never lost their power to thrill.

Travel effortlessly along on a journey of thousands of miles, from the rough-hewn streets of Ephesus to Constantinople, the Imperial capital of Byzantium. Follow the paths of emperors and saints, admiring their accomplishments as though at first-hand. Be entranced by lively narrative while wandering into many of the world's most mysterious and captivating regions; the damp darkness of Roman catacombs where early Christians met in secret; the serene depth of the cave on Patmos Island where Saint John saw the visions recounted in the Bible's Book of Revelation; the blazing-white Athenian Agora, where Saint Paul preached on the Unknown God; the Greek monasteries built high in the sky upon sheer pinnacles of rock; the Polish citadel protected from hosts of armies by an unassuming icon of the Virgin Mary; the watery enchantment of Venice and the presence of a woman whose pure body has remained uncorrupted and beautiful for over a millenium; and many others; in short, into the heart of a Christian culture that has shaped and defined all sacred history.

This book has already stirred close to a million readers throughout the world, as its serialized chapters have been published over fifty times in national and international periodicals including AGAIN, ANNALS OF ST. ANNE DE BEAUPR, AXIOS, CATHOLIC TWIN CIRCLE, MESSENGER OF SAINT ANTHONY, MESSENGER OF THE SACRED HEART, OUR SUNDAY VISITOR, SAINT SOPHIA BULLETIN, THE FAMILY DIGEST, TREE OF LIFE, VISTA, and others. In addition to being an inspiration and education, it is a valuable resource for historians and theologians, including extensive footnotes, bibliography and index.


You have done your homework! Excellent effort.
- John Hunter, College Press Publishing Company
Such an excellent book.
- Anthony Coniaris, Light and Life Publishing Company
Historical and accurate depiction of Christianity's first millenium . . . magnificent work of love . . . extraordinary book.
- Rev. Victor L. Viberti, S. S. P., Alba House



About the Author
M. C. Franklin Dennis Eugene Engleman is a respected writer on the subject of Apostolic Christianity, with nearly one hundred articles having been published by domestic and international magazines. He is also author of several books. Ultimate Things: An Orthodox Christian Perspective on the End Times, has received enthusiastic reviews from multiple sources and a five star rating at Other books include The Saint Nicholas Secret (Conciliar Press), and Beautiful America's Atlanta (The Beautiful America Publishing Company). The author is listed in Who's Who in America and Who's Who in the World. He resides in Dahlonega, Georgia, with his wife and their three children.



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