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ParentWise: The Emotional Challenges OF Family Life And How To Deal With Them by Loren Buckner

ParentWise: The Emotional Challenges OF Family Life And How To Deal With Them

by Loren Buckner

200 pages
An intimate conversation about the emotional challenges of parenting.

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Category: Family
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About the Book
Parents often lament the fact that kids donít come through the birth canal with instructions securely fastened to their big toes. In the quiet solitude of night they wonder, why didnít anybody tell me what this was really going to be like?

With the knowledge and skill of a seasoned psychotherapist, the wisdom that comes with thirty years of marriage, and raising two kids to adulthood, Loren Buckner adds a uniquely qualified voice to the parenting discussion.

ParentWise: The Emotional Challenges Of Family Life And How To Deal With Them begins an intimate conversation about the emotional turmoil of conscientious parenting. In a warm and conversational tone, Ms. Buckner talks with parents about what theyíre really going through and then helps them understand what they can do about it.

Ms. Buckner shares her own vulnerability as a mother and details the struggles of parents sheís worked with in her clinical practice. She gently offers parents a chance to sit in their own virtual therapy chair.

You will learn why your life history continues to be important. Chapters on guilt, worry, sadness, disappointment, and anger will help you accept your darker emotions, ones you havenít known how to talk about. The impact of children on marriage, the meaning of unconditional love, and the particular stress of adolescence are also honestly explored.

Interwoven throughout the book are twenty Intentions, goals to work toward as the years of parenthood unfold. In addition, Food for Thought questions, at the end of each chapter, help you think more deeply and personally about yourself.

Not only will you find comfort in what Loren has to say, youíll discover a better parent within yourself.



About the Author
Loren Buckner, LCSW has spoken to parents locally, nationally, and internationally about the emotional challenges of raising children. She is a Fellow at the International Psychotherapy Institute and a member of the Tampa Bay Psychoanalytic Society. She currently lives in Tampa, Florida and is in private practice as a psychotherapist.



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