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The Thinking Trap by Quentin Priest

The Thinking Trap

by Quentin Priest

105 pages
Simplify your life and learn how to set real goals.

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Category: Self Help
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About the Book
Personal Development has failed too many people. That is where the Thinking Trap comes in.

Learn how to cut through all the conflicting messages out there and hone in on what is important for personal growth. Also learn how to simplify your thinking so that your life becomes easier to manage.

Learn how to not only set goals, but also focus on the ones you have. You will learn how to keep your attention on your progress and not be distracted by the progress of others. See how to own your goals, and make sure that what you are working for is what you really want.



About the Author
Being a student of Personal Development, Quentin Priest has learned the hard way what really does and what does not work for personal growth. And he has also learned how to set truly personal and realistic goals.



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