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The Science of Surrender: And The Flow of Reality by Robert Blasford

The Science of Surrender: And The Flow of Reality

by Robert Blasford

108 pages
A radical new consciousness is emerging.

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Category: Spirituality And Psychology:Philosophy
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About the Book
Despite countless wars and conflicts, mankind has survived into the 21st Century. What is the next step to be? Will it be more of the same, or is there any possibility of attaining a more enlightened and peaceful co-existence at last?

Finally, there appears to be emerging a radical new way of thinking and interacting that if fully embraced will lead mankind into such a profound spiritual reorientation that the human race will evolve into a new species. The long sought-after ideals of peace, joy, and love will finally fully manifest on the planet.

The primary obstacle to the manifestation of these ideals in a functional manner has always been an orientation to duality, or “the world” as Christ referred to it. In its historical state, mankind has been trapped in the orientation of duality consciousness. The predominant result has been an orientation to resistance and force as a means of accomplishment. However, within the emerging orientation, resistance and force operate as dysfunctional liabilities.

The best means of transcending the duality orientation is through a process of spiritual surrender. The Science of Surrender presents four steps that are easy to follow. Completing these steps facilitates an “awakening” process in which an individual awaken the Christ Awareness within, a personal aspect of divinity referred to by Christ as God Immanent. In this state, an individual can easily operate under the guidance and direction of the Higher Self or Holy Spirit as referred to in a religious context.

Though Christ came to demonstrate the accomplishment of this act of surrender, his message was quickly hijacked by organized religion, which then proceeded to establish and present the message from the context of a rigid framework of doctrine. This was the very thing Christ himself warned against. The message itself is more from a generic “truth”, and it has been delivered by others such as Buddha. The designation by the organized Church of Christ as a unique Son of God was nothing more than more doctrinal gerrymandering. In truth, all of mankind has the capability of accepting “Sonship” under the guidance of the Higher Self.

This book takes the reader on a spell-binding ride as he discovers these truths and many more…a must read!



About the Author
Robert Blasford was raised in the rural and small-town southeastern United States. During a period of deep personal crisis, he began to receive spiritual revelations that led to the writing of the Science of Surrender. He currently is employed in a religious capacity.



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