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Superlative Guitar: The 16 Principles by Neil Kendall

Superlative Guitar: The 16 Principles

by Neil Kendall

53 pages
16 powerful principles that enable guitarists to master the guitar.

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About the Book
Are you an average guitarist but want to MASTER the guitar but not sure how?

Are you tired of being one of the masses of mediocre guitarists in the world?

Just what separates the truly Superlative Guitarists of this world from the 'average joes'?


There are 16 secret principles that every master guitarist of this world follows.

This ebook teaches you those 16 POWERFUL principles.

If learn these 16 principles and incorporate them into your playing, you too can, over time, become a truly Superlative Guitarist.

Most guitar tuition products overlook these 16 principles, resulting in a lot of wasted time and unfocused practicing for the guitar student. This ebook is different!

What you will learn:-

· How to move beyond the rigidity of scales and express yourself more freely on the fretboard

· How to get out of your head and play from your heart and soul

· Why the concept of ‘perfect technique’ is flawed

· How to develop your own sound, style and creativity

· How to become a more mature musician

· Why playing slow and playing fast are equally important

· Inside secrets about guitar masters that most guitarists don’t know, and how you can utilize these secrets too

· Vibrato secrets to play with more feel and make you stand out from other guitarists.

PLUS you get these special BONUSES:-

BONUS 1 - A way of playing blues scales and pentatonics that will break you out of box shapes FOREVER.

BONUS 2 - How to add spice to your blues scales, pentatonics and your solos so that you develop a more unique sound.

BONUS 3 - A highly effective method for learning the names of the notes on each string (NOT taught in any other books, and with this 'secret method' you will learn the names of notes on each string so thoroughly that you won't even have to think about it).

So why not ORDER NOW and get started on the road to GUITAR MASTERY instead of staying mediocre and average like most other guitarists out there....



About the Author
Neil Kendall is a virtuoso rock guitarist/vocalist/songwriter from the U.K. He has played in several bands, and toured the U.K. and some of Spain as a busker (street performer). He is currently working on his first solo album and has just written an ebook, Superlative Guitar: The 16 Principles.



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