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Creating an Online Roleplaying Game by Alexander Hinkley

Creating an Online Roleplaying Game

by Alexander Hinkley

120 pages
Learn how to create a successful online RPG.

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About the Book
Have you ever wanted to create an online text-based roleplaying game? This book, written by an experienced RPG owner of 10 years, will help you learn how to create and maintain a successful RPG. This book is not meant to help you create an MMORPG that will attract thousands of users and everything is automated. Such games require extensive programming knowledge and skills that an average gamer doesn't have. What this book will help you do is create an online play-by-post forum roleplaying game. In this book you will learn how to how to create and balance items, how to create a well rounded battling system, proper game administration, and much more!



About the Author
Alex has been running his own roleplaying site for nearly 10 years and playing RPGs for much longer. His inspiration for writing comes from authors such as Stephen King, Kurt Vonnegut, and Robert Jordan.



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