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Next Wave eBusiness Careers: Hot Jobs for BOTH Technical and Business People by Maurice M. Chin

Next Wave eBusiness Careers: Hot Jobs for BOTH Technical and Business People

by Maurice M. Chin

143 pages
Defines eBusiness career opportunities and points out the best jobs.

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Category: Business
About the Book
Is it eCommerce or eBusiness? Does it really matter? What is important is that the Internet has radically changed the way business is done and promises to continue doing so in the future. It is as a result of these very changes taking place today that many career and job opportunities are created.

Currently we are experiencing the building of the eBusiness infrastructure and that is why techie-type jobs are in high demand resulting in chronic shortages for qualified workers. In the next stage we will see eBusiness focusing more on customers and profitability. This will lead to a new demand for business-savvy individuals to build sophisticated eBusiness applications. The book takes a look at the best eBusiness jobs - current and near future, and technical and business. It discusses the growing importance of the object-oriented languages of Java and C++, and why business processes, supply chain, and logistics are critical in developing business-to-business and business-to-customer applications.

Further to the natural progression of electronic business, the book pays close attention to the convergence of three base technologies - computing objects, XML and its standards, and broadband telecommunications. The trend to bring together these three areas will introduce very powerful tools for developing and maintaining eBusiness application systems and IT systems in general. Technies will benefit from many new opportunities, but the non-technicals or business people will benefit most significantly. They will have the power to develop application systems themselves and could create a whole new level of business systems jobs. Preparing for such jobs now is critical.

Education and continuous learning are the keys to success in the high tech business world. Educational institutions are now convinced that electronic business is a reality and are reacting by offering relevant courses and programs at the college/university and vocational school levels. There is a directory of progressive schools offering such courses and programs to help you in obtaining the correct qualifications. Certification also plays an important role in providing professional recognition in the industry. There is a listing of the major software vendors that offer certification for their products.

The book lists a series of options you have in order to enter, build, and sustain a successful career in this exciting field. It looks at employment, freelancing and consultancy, and lists important work-finding resources, many of which are made possible only by the environment of the Internet.

Lastly, there is an open invitation to look into a forum to discuss technology/business trends and how you could benefit from an eBusiness career of your choice.



About the Author
Maurice Chin is a researcher and writer specializing in bridging the gap between technology, business and people. He has done extensive work on eBusiness and the Internet economy and constantly searches for trends and emerging issues to give insights into future opportunities. He holds a Master of Science degree.



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