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The Remembrance Album of Harriet Pruden by Richard Pate

The Remembrance Album of Harriet Pruden

by Richard Pate

166 pages
Enchanting work of historical fiction featuring authentic 19th Century poetry.

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Category: Fiction:Historical
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About the Book
The Remembrance Album of Harriet Pruden - The 175 year reunion of the seventy people who composed and compiled their verses for Harriet’s album; a true American love story from the Old West.

Here is something you won’t see everyday! This little gem combines a genuine 19th Century pioneer-settler poetry collection with a fictional narrative to reveal an endearing story spanning eight decades. The poetry collection, started in 1831, consists of over 100 sentimental, heartfelt poems lovingly hand-written for one family in a single volume by seventy different people, over eighty years! While the poems chronicle, over multiple generations, the story of this settler family, they also provide an insightful and surprisingly tender view into the social strata of 19th Century America.

Based on his extensive research of the poems, the people involved and the times in which they lived, the author provides a fictional narrative accompanying each poem, written from that poet’s point-of-view, which introduces us to these exceptional people; Harriet, her friends and family. The narrative fuses with and seamlessly compliments the poems. In this way the contributors to Harriet’s album tell us themselves who they were, how they knew Harriet and what they thought of her plans to become a pioneer-settler. Here is an authentic look into the hearts and minds of early Americans as they lived and loved in the 19th century.

The album begins as an intervention by a well-to-do family to persuade their daughter, Harriet, the town sweetheart, to give up her reckless dream of pioneering on the Western Frontier. From there the book takes on a life of its own as it makes its way westward, each writer adding their own voice to this story of determination, adventure, hardship, and love.



About the Author
Richard Pate Richard K. Pate has degrees in both Architecture and Fine Arts. His interests include history, painting and playing drums in a professional band. Raised in Puerto Rico and Texas, Mr. Pate has traveled extensively and currently resides in Northern California, where he practices architecture. This is his first publication.



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