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The Personal Trainer Who Was Allergic To Exercise by Rani Yovetich

The Personal Trainer Who Was Allergic To Exercise

by Rani Yovetich

152 pages
Escape your own enslavement, whatever it may be.

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Category: Health
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About the Book
The Personal Trainer Who Was Allergic to Exercise was created from the author’s memoirs of her life. It is a romantic look at addiction, abusive relationships, reaching your goals, and creating your life’s desires. It not only offers multiple workout plans, but also contains information about supplements and basic lessons Rani learned throughout her years as a personal trainer and yoga instructor.

How do you truly know if you are allergic to exercise? Excerpts from her diary will fill you in on the symptoms.

Can an abusive relationship make you fat?

Can you be addicted to donuts?

Should you work out with weights or do cardio?

What supplements should you be taking?

Do real men do yoga?

Can a personal trainer maintain her fit body once she finds herself at an office job?

These questions and many more will be answered in this very informative, all inclusive health and wellness manual. The book is broken down into three sections. Section one contains the romantic and sometimes very dramatic story of the author’s life. Part two are real excerpts from her diary as the personal trainer who was allergic to exercise. Every time she gets into a routine that works for her, Rani finds herself with an illness that cuts her progress in half. It even shows her progress on the well advertised P90X program from Beachbody. The third section contains articles regarding supplements, allergies, ADHD, and the benefits of strength training versus cardio.

This is the honest look into the author’s life as she escapes not one, but two abusive relationships, kicks her addiction to donuts, and finds her soul mate. Follow along with Rani as she fights with her weight after having children and even takes bullriding lessons.

Rani Yovetich views life as an educational experience. This book was written in hopes that others can use what she has learned throughout her life to escape their own enslavement, whatever it may be.



About the Author
Rani Yovetich lives with her husband and three kids in the Midwest. She continues to grow with each client and strives to learn as much as she can in order to help those around her achieve a higher quality of life and live their, “Heaven on earth.” Remember…Keep Fitness Fun!



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