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The Rings of Earth by Larry Cloud

The Rings of Earth

by Larry Cloud

136 pages
Solving an ancient Bible mystery with honest modern science

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Category: Science
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About the Book
A small handful of words, just a short phrase in the Bible story of creation, resulted in this fascinating study. Genesis 1:7 says there were waters above the firmament (Earth’s atmosphere), but there aren’t any such waters up there now. What happened to them? Then I was reminded of the long and heavy rain that caused Noah’s Flood. There must be some connection!

It was a nagging mystery. What is the full story of those waters above the firmament? Where exactly were they? How were they arranged? What supported them? Why were they there? How long did they last? And, especially, what happened to them?

Every question seemed to generate another one, and even the simplest answers produced still more questions. Trying to understand that half dozen Bible words, studying that one strange detail of the beginning of time by applying the principles of science, led me into a long investigation. And that led me to an inevitable conclusion.

The Rings of Earth describes my application of modern scientific principles to this old Bible secret, and the surprising but very reasonable results I found.

Chapter titles and contents:

1. How This Began for Me–early impressions and a change of scenery
2. Initial Studies–my introduction to creation science
3. Two Influential Books–The Genesis Flood and The Biblical Flood and the Ice Epoch
4. In the Beginning–the Holy Bible explains the facts of life
5. In the Meantime–from Creation to the Flood
6. Some Basic Principles–reliable sources, honest research, and catastrophes
7. The Present Hydrologic Cycle–how water and the Sun rule our world
8. The Waters Above the Firmament–the source of the Flood, the canopy theory, and more
9. Orbital Principles–satellites and common sense (almost rocket science)
10. Rings!–the simple and unavoidable conclusion
11. Collapse of the Rings–what destroyed the rings?
12. Consequences of the Rings Collapse–what the rings destroyed
13. Outside Assistance–supporting evidence and opinion
14. Conclusion–and one last reminder



About the Author
Larry Cloud The author has B.S. and M.S. degrees in mechanical engineering from Purdue University. He conceived the Rings of Earth hypothesis while teaching creation science at Tennessee Temple College. He continues to live and work, play and worship, and sit and think in Chattanooga, Tennessee.



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