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River of Doubt by Martin Copeland

River of Doubt

by Martin Copeland

185 pages
Heroic action-adventure inspired by Theodore Roosevelt's 1914 Amazon expedition.

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Category: Fiction:Adventure
About the Book
River of Doubt is inspired by a true story.

The time is February 1914. An expedition heads down an unknown river in the heart of Brazil's Amazon. The leaders: ex-US President THEODORE ROOSEVELT, still a "Bull Moose" at 54, a man of seemingly unquenchable strength and character impervious to doubt; and COLONEL CANDIDO RONDON, Brazil's greatest explorer, renowned for having never failed on a expedition.

Also along are KERMIT ROOSEVELT, Roosevelt's 24-year-old son, called ?Bwana Dandy? for his expensive taste in clothes and elegant manners and speech; GEORGE K. CHERRIE, a New England naturalist; and Rondon's lieutenant AMILCAR LYRA, a fiery and impulsive man who resents the presence of the Roosevelts.

None suspect what trials and dangers await them on the newly christened "River of Doubt." Some will not survive. Some will be changed forever.

And others will be haunted for the rest of their lives.



About the Author
Martin Copeland has written the screenplays for TEXAS RANGERS, starring James Van Der Beek and Dylan McDermott, THE HEAVENLY KID, and THE SINKING OF THE RAINBOW WARRIOR, starring Jon Voight and Sam Neill. He lives in Paris.



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