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A Lightworker's Mission: The Journey Through Polarity Resolution by Denise Le Fay

A Lightworker's Mission: The Journey Through Polarity Resolution

by Denise Le Fay

542 pages
A Lightworker's interdimensional journey through ascension and polarity resolution

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Category: Spirituality And Psychology:Supernatural
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About the Book
Unusual and dramatic, A LIGHTWORKER’S MISSION: The Journey Through Polarity Resolution, is an intimate voyage through thirty-two years of the author’s interdimensional experiences and discoveries. It reveals a First Wave Lightworker’s extraordinary unfolding life mission, her interdimensional Starbeing/ET interactions, and her many years of struggle as an ultrasensitive living, learning, transmuting and transforming throughout her intense ascension and polarity resolution work.

The book carries the reader into multiple dimensions and contains numerous telepathic and clairvoyant meetings, teachings, information exchanges, and planetary ascension projects with different Starbeings working from both sides of the dimensional Veil.


•First Wave Lightwork
•Starseeds, Wanderers
•Starbeings, Extraterrestrials, Lightbeings
•3D Portals and portal manifestations
•Multiple dimensions
•Interdimensional travels and teachings
•Demonic attacks, psychic attacks, polarity battles
•Starseeded past life memories from 12,600 B.C. Egypt
•Astrological Ages of Leo and Aquarius
•Photon Band of higher Light
•Elemental Beings
•Nonphysical Guides and teachers
•The compressed Ascension or evolutionary process
•Human and planetary Rewiring
•Aquarian Age High Heart consciousness
•Dimensional shifting process
•Resolving polarized energies from numerous incarnations
•Overlaying of higher frequency Grid points/Grid system
•Increasing conscious connection with one’s Higher Self

Another decidedly distinctive ingredient of A Lightworker’s Mission is that it contains twenty-five black and white illustrations of clairvoyantly perceived multidimensional beings; Pleiadian, Orion and Sirian Starbeings, ancient ET Lion beings, ancient ET Bird beings, an Earth Elemental, a Water Elemental, a Demon, interdimensional Sky Tubes, portal manifested humans and animals, interdimensional humanoid travelers, and sixth dimensional energy patterns and objects.



About the Author
Denise Le Fay is a lifelong sensitive clairvoyant and interdimensional explorer who has remembered various past lives since early childhood. Due to her ascension related polarity resolution work, she continues aligning with the wisdom of her Higher Self. She lives in SoCal and enjoys writing, blogging, and her cat.



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