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Deist: So that's what I am! by Contemporary Deism Project

Deist: So that's what I am!

by Contemporary Deism Project

164 pages
A collection of written works on constructive contemporary Deism.

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Category: Religion
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About the Book
Do you consider yourself spiritual, but not religious? Do you want to examine the possibility of a power greater than man, but free of dogma and church and clergy? Are science, reason and nature the most important features of your worldview?

You might be a Deist.

People are moving away from organized religion. According to the 2008 American Religious Identification Survey, 12 percent of Americans believe in God, but not the God of mainstream religion. They believe in a deistic God, a God who does not intervene.

Another 12 percent are not sure that God exists, which means nearly a quarter of the U.S. population may be Freethinkers. This is a book for Freethinkers.

Deism did not die out in the 18th century. In fact, Deism is a category of belief that is growing across the United States and throughout the world. In this book we explore many various opinions from the world of Deist belief as seen through the eyes of contributors to the Contemporary Deism Project, an effort to promote the wider dissemination of information about modern, constructive Deism.

Today's world is far from perfect, but we have advanced greatly as social animals. There is much good in the world today. In many ways, however, mankind is still heavily influenced by old traditions, burdened by old masters and fettered by old chains. Where relics of the Dark Ages prevail, reason often does not.

The religions of our fathers no longer work for some of us. Everything in our lives must be reasonable and rational. Simply stated, what we believe must make sense. We are Freethinkers who place enormous value in reason, logic and science. Some turn to Secular Humanism, a celebration of humankind. Some reject religion outright and embrace Atheism. Others simply admit that they just do not know. So they turn away from all organized religion and simply identify themselves as Agnostics. But most humans seem to turn to some form of religion, and every culture has developed some form of religious belief system.

This book exists for a reason. Many people already believe what Deists believe. They just have not yet realized that what they believe has a name. And now you understand why the title of the book, Deist, includes the sub-title, "So that's what I am!"

Come explore with us the rich tapestry of diverse and reasoned thought that comprises contemporary Deism.



About the Author
The Contemporary Deism Project was initiated in December 2008. The 13 authors who have contributed to the book include some of the best-known names in contemporary Deism. There are also fresh faces and perspectives. Deist is not a dry treatise on 18th century Deism.



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