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A Problem With Ghosts? by Christopher Hardwick

A Problem With Ghosts?

by Christopher Hardwick

140 pages
Revelations about Ghosts, Spirits, Telepathy and Out-Of-Body Viewing.

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Category: Spirituality And Psychology:Supernatural:Ghosts
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About the Book
This book is a definitive work concerning the phenomena of Ghosts and Spirits. It is much more than a collection of Ghost stories. The lightly written text is based upon many years of the Author’s own experience with paranormal phenomena, and illustrates the fact that we are surrounded by unseen energies that have intelligence and life in other dimensions.

The Thesis set out in the book is that Ghosts, Discarnate Spirits, and Entities of various sorts, can have a greater effect upon our lives than many people are willing to believe. Some people are haunted or possessed without knowing that this is so.

The author reports examples of genuine instances of haunting and possession, and tells how such problems caused by Ghosts and Spirits have been resolved.

The phenomenon of possession is lightly dealt with, together with some reports about how possessed people change instantly for the better when the possessing Spirits are set free.

The essential differences between Ghosts, Spirits and Souls are defined in the text, each in its own chapter. Simple rationales are given to show how Spirits and Souls are fundamentally different from each other. But the text contains no religious ideas, no mystical beliefs, no prayers, mantras, rites or symbols, and there is no intent to persuade or to prove anything at all.

Telepathy is shown not to be a phenomenon of mind, as is generally believed. In the chapter explaining Telepathy, there are simple exercises describing how readers might learn how to experience this phenomenon and learn to telepathise.

The chapter dealing with the factor that the Spirit does not generally reside within the Body describes how the Body resides within the field of the Spirit. The text explains how the Body can be seen from the point of view of the Spirit, and gives a simple method that should enable some readers to experience the phenomenon of perception exterior to the Body.

Finally, rationale is given which might enable those readers who are so inclined, to understand how to resolve a simple problem with a Spirit. The method described has a scientific basis and has been used many times by the Author and others to free Spirits that have been causing a nuisance to themselves and to others.



About the Author
Christopher Hardwick is a graduate engineer, an inventor, and a best selling author. Working on jet engines before qualifying in a range of complimentary healing practices, he has developed methods of perceiving and measuring such ‘invisible’ things as Spirits and has taught many people how to do this too.



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