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CHOICES: Neutralizing Your Negative Thoughts and Emotional Blueprints by Janet Richmond

CHOICES: Neutralizing Your Negative Thoughts and Emotional Blueprints

by Janet Richmond

222 pages
Negative thoughts need to be neutralized for true life change.

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About the Book
Did you know that no amount of positive thinking will overcome your negative thoughts? And that your negative thoughts have a life of their own and that before any true change can happen, these negative thoughts must first be neutralized? Thoughts live forever. And your negative ones won’t disappear simply because you “overpower” them with positive ones. Every thought you’ve ever thought, from this and all prior lifetimes, lives in a kind of etheric reality called a Thought Form Body (an invisible envelope of energy that we each carry with us). In CHOICES you’ll learn how to render these negative thoughts powerless by neutralizing them into a balanced state, thus preventing them from magnetically drawing negative patterns into our lives.

We also have an Emotional Body, which contains every emotional response we’ve ever experienced. When we emotionally react to an event in our lives, we unknowingly create or re-empower an emotional response pattern - a Blueprint - that we blindly follow for all similar events. Because we are unaware of this phenomenon, we think that our emotional response is unique to each event and is justified and normal. Yet, each event is actually neutral. Every individual, however, experiences their own emotional response patterns (their Blueprints) to events based on what they have created from lifetimes of repetition. If we didn’t have our Blueprints, we would still have emotions, but the responses would be based on the experience itself in the now and not on the pre-programmed replays. Who wants to go through life carrying the emotional baggage that is polluted with decades and lifetimes of prior emotional responses? This only drives us to respond in the same way for each type of experience, taking real choice out of our options. In CHOICES you’ll learn how to neutralize these blueprints and free yourself from the past.

You’ll also learn that there exists within you a Point of Power that carries purity, perfection and the miraculous. It is called the Pure Soul Essence, the part of everyone (from the smallest grain of sand to the most evolved being) that comes from the Originating Source. You will learn that you are not defined by your bank account, your job, your failing relationships, your car, your misconceptions or any perceived flaws. You don't have to fix yourself first to become worthy because you are already worthy. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn how to find your power when you feel powerless, to find vision when you feel blind, to find clarity when you are confused and to find understanding when you feel judged.

Finally, you’ll learn that the one thing you would not expect to help you to become more spiritual is the very thing that will help - being more material. What is needed is the balance. When you are materially out of touch you are spiritually out of touch and vice versa. Therefore material balance cannot be ignored and CHOICES helps you find that balance including bringing abundance into the life pattern.



About the Author
Janet Richmond Janet Richmond is an authority on the Higher Self Voice. She successfully coaches and teaches the life-changing techniques of how to neutralize the negative Thought Forms and Emotional Blueprints that everyone carries. The amazing changes she brought into her own life became the motivation to share these techniques with others.



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