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The Worm Wagon by Ray St. Louis

The Worm Wagon

by Ray St. Louis

36 pages
A timeless allegorical tale for children of all ages.

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Category: Fiction:Children
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About the Book
"Once upon a time, in a village in some forgotten and faraway corner of the world..."

So begins the allegorical tale of The Worm Wagon. A mysterious traveler leaves a rickety old wagon in the town square. Soon, various inhabitants of the town approach the wagon and interact, unaware of the fact that the strange glowing worms inside possess the magical ability to bring out the best - and the worst - of people.

Author Ray St. Louis and illustrator Kristy King have fashioned a timeless parable for children of all ages. Whatever it is that you hold inside, that is what you become. You are a reflection of your deepest feelings. The Worm Wagon holds up the humblest of mirrors to reflect the greed, pride, ambition - and, finally, unselfishness - that linger in the hearts of human beings.



About the Author
Ray St. Louis is an author and freelance journalist whose children's stories draw on the classic story-telling techniques of Hans Christian Andersen and the Brothers Grimm - magic is real, things always come in threes, and stories are best when they have a point.



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