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7 Life Lessons You Should Know by Todd Lester

7 Life Lessons You Should Know

by Todd Lester

120 pages
Apply timeless wisdom to crucial areas of your life.

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Category: Self Help:Success
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About the Book
Do you seem to be constantly digging the same hole? Are you working harder only to find that you are busier than ever but no more successful? Does life seem so large and overwhelming that you do not even know where to start? Well step up to the gate and get ready for the bell.

7 Life Lessons You Should Know is a concise, safe and fun place to start to take control of crucial areas of your life. Why is it that some governmental problems never seem to be solved? Why am I always out of time and short on money? Read on. Containing both personal experiences and the wisdom of the ages, Todd explains and illustrates what works, what fails and why.

Learn the necessary life skills that will not only guide you through the timely issues of today but reveal pathways that will lead you to the successful calling to which you truly belong.



About the Author
Todd Lester has excelled at a variety of careers across numerous industries. Todd’s trials, steps and missteps combine to serve as a colorful backdrop as he walks us through life’s critical lessons. He blends his observations with a wonderful sense of humor to make this informational journey both fun and enjoyable.



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