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ONE MORE SERVING: Because Life Is Meant To Be Full - A sampling from the Food for Thought Chronicles by Kathleen Brunner

ONE MORE SERVING: Because Life Is Meant To Be Full - A sampling from the Food for Thought Chronicles

by Kathleen Brunner

324 pages
Stories of ordinary individuals and the extraordinary difference each made.

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Category: Religion:Christianity
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About the Book
Ron Hall, best selling author of Same Kind of Different as Me, describes ONE MORE SERVING as a book that should..."take up residence on a bedside table to be read over and over again in short segments."

ONE MORE SERVING contains the true stories of 13 seemingly ordinary individuals who took a defining moment and made extraordinary contributions to the world. These are the neighbors, friends and colleagues you encounter daily and, once you get to know them, you will never look at the people within your slice of life the same way again.

If you ever wondered if one individual could make a difference in the world, or what you would do if you knew you could be that one individual, then this is a must read for you! Regardless of what type of work you do, whatever circumstance you have, whatever skills you matter how far at the bottom of the food chain you are, you will come away recognizing how you might make a profound difference with ONE MORE SERVING.

Containing not only individual biographies, but also delicious recipes and soul searching questions, ONE MORE SERVING contains recipes for both body and soul, because life truly is meant to be full.

The book can easily be used for discussion with reflective questions and probing thoughts. If you ever wanted to know you have left this world with a lasting gift, you will want to make ONE MORE SERVING part of your diet.

Each powerful testimony will have you feeling like the book is a friendship between the covers as the individuals sharing their stories also provide personal information that allows the reader to contact them directly. Readers will discover they are more aware of opportunities within every circumstance, and find they are returning often for another "bite", another "taste" and most definitely for "ONE MORE SERVING."

This is the first book of the Food for Thought Chronicles.



About the Author
Kathy, a Pittsburgh native now living in Atlanta, is a writer, motivational speaker and workshop facilitator. The true stories she shares reveal a deep insight into how people everywhere are more alike than different. A wife, mother and professional, she is already at work on her next "serving."



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