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The Cat Ate My Nachos: The Very Best of the Suburban Fringe by Bob Rybarczyk

The Cat Ate My Nachos: The Very Best of the Suburban Fringe

by Bob Rybarczyk

498 pages
The very best columns from Bob Rybarczyk's "Suburban Fringe."

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Category: Entertainment:Humor
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About the Book
Welcome to suburbia, as viewed through the eyes of a thundering nerd.

If you’ve never read Suburban Fringe, then here’s the deal: it’s a humor column that has appeared on once a week since 2001. In it, writer Bob Rybarczyk takes the soul-crushing banality of suburban life and ingeniously reshapes it to seem humorously soul-crushing and banal. This book is a collection of the very best Suburban Fringe columns from the past five years.

If you’re already a fan of Suburban Fringe, then yes, the “bunnies is munchy” column is in here. So is the one about the kid barfing in my mouth. And the one about the insane eBay lady. And the one about the trash biscuit. And all the ones about the damn cats. Yes, and the ones about the hamster that lived and died in Bob's office at work. They’re all there. You’re welcome.


“I’m really disappointed.”

“Enjoy the ride, because your drivel won't get you work anyplace else.”

“I can honestly say that when you stop writing it will be a day of great festivity.”

“What a poor excuse you are.”

“People are laughing at you and you are too stupid to know it.”

“Shame on you for wasting your space and our time.”

“Stupid, vile, and immature.”

“It contributes to the decline of decency and absence of decorum in modern life.”


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About the Author
Bob Rybarczyk writes stuff. He has written "Suburban Fringe," a weekly humor column appearing on STLtoday, since 2001. He also once wrote a novel, called Acoustic Kitty, which you can also buy if you like novels about unnecessary surgery, poorly named cats and the CIA. He lives in St. Louis and enjoys eating things.



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