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Auntie Suzie Raises a Turkey by Susan Kaplan-Williams

Auntie Suzie Raises a Turkey

by Susan Kaplan-Williams

48 pages
A turkey and a little girl become best friends

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Category: Fiction:Children
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About the Book
This is the story of a baby turkey and a little girl called “Auntie Suzie.”

Auntie Suzie and her daddy bring the little baby turkey home after purchasing him for only one dollar from the local feed store.

She raises the little bird (Tom Turkey) in a box in her bedroom and takes very good care of him. When school starts, Tom waits for her at the door every day and when she gets home, she teaches Tom everything she learned from her teacher.

Tom soon becomes the smartest bird in the whole world. He can count and say his ABC’s! And, after Tom’s lessons, they go for a walk in the neighborhood.

They even get dressed up for Halloween and go trick or treating around the neighborhood.

One day, Auntie Suzie and Tom learn the real reason Tom came to live with her – he was the featured item on the Thanksgiving menu. What happens next? You’ll need to read the story to find out!



About the Author
Susan Kaplan-Williams lives in a small suburb just outside Houston, Texas near the Galveston Bay. A graduate of the University of Houston with a BA degree in journalism, Susan currently is a freelance communications consultant and motivational speaker.



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