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BRIDGE TABLE or What's Trump Anyway? An Affectionate Look Back at Sociable Bridge & Ladies Lunch by Maggy Simony

BRIDGE TABLE or What's Trump Anyway? An Affectionate Look Back at Sociable Bridge & Ladies Lunch

by Maggy Simony

268 pages
Sociable bridge: 100+ years of a subterranean sisterhood.

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About the Book
There’s loads of books telling the story of serious bridge, but . . .

Bridge Table or What’s Trump Anyway? is the only book ever (far as I know) to tell that story from a woman’s viewpoint, and to celebrate sociable bridge.

The ladies-only-bridge-club is sociable bridge with its century-long tradition passed on (until the 70s) from mother to daughter. These informal clubs—millions of women, outnumbering serious players by far—were and are a subterranean sisterhood, beneath media radar, unwritten about, leaving virtually no paper trail.

Today, bridge (both serious and sociable) is, as they say, “in Retro”—which means that bridge is among the 50s icons boomers rejected when young, then began, nostalgically, to yearn for in the Retro 90s. Martinis, steakhouses . . . bridge. A book about sociable bridge is long overdue.

Bridge Table is almost as much about food and the gender menus of ladies lunch as it is about bridge, because that’s where the skimpy paper trail is, in cookbooks and women’s magazine articles of the 1920s-60s. What started out to be a cookbook ended up as informal bridge history and pop culture (including ladies lunch) told through notes, quotes, anecdotes, menus, recipes, trivia—with Bridge & Me as a sub-theme. Three closing chapters are this nonagenarian’s idiosyncratic take on sociable bridge, serious bridge and ladies lunch in 2009 along with thoughts on Retro survival of all three.

Bridge Table is for . . .

· Boomer daughters—perfect gift for bridge-playing moms
· Their bridge-playing moms—perfect gift for daughters (don’t we all yearn for a bridge-playing daughter?)
· Food writers—to inspire Retro articles/cookbooks (there’s a Background Reading & Sources list at the end just for you)
· Serious bridge players—a peek into an unknown bridge world (just as Edward McPherson’s The Backwash Squeeze: A Newcomer's Journey Into the World of Bridge gives sociable players a peek into the unknown world of tournament bridge)

. Popular culture fans—they simply enjoy reading about pop culture, defined by one writer as “what people do when they’re not working.”



About the Author
Maggy is an nonagenarian living in Florida, formerly in New Hampshire. She spent her early life and family years on Long Island. In the 80s, she self-published Traveler’s Reading Guide: Ready-made Reading Lists for the Armchair Traveler and later edited two revised editions for Facts on File.



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