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Thank Goodness It's Monday by Scott Stratten

Thank Goodness It's Monday

by Scott Stratten

138 pages
A guide to enjoying work, life and the journey between

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About the Book
If you believe the hype, Friday is the greatest day in the history of mankind. We have casual day themes, staff lunches, restaurants names after it, you name it, all in the name of TGIF!

But what if life was meant to be more than that? What if the term "work/life balance" was a myth and that we were meant to enjoy work as part of our lives? That's what TGIM is all about. Discovering ways to enjoy everyday things at work, at home and even the drive between.



About the Author
Scott Stratten An expert in Motivation, Work/Life Balance, Organizational Behavior and Human Resources, Scott has spoken internationally on a multitude of topics and is an award-winning Human Resources Professor at Sheridan College.
He has appeared in the Wall Street Journal, Fast Company, USA Today and former columnist for Canadian HR Reporter.



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