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Songs of the Archaeopteryx by Keoki Gray

Songs of the Archaeopteryx

by Keoki Gray

206 pages
Tales of People...and the Airplanes Who Love Them.

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Category: Fiction:Adventure
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About the Book
Songs of the Archaeopteryx is a collection of short stories revolving around the interesting and sometimes amazing people who are attracted to small airplanes. These pilots still behold the wonder and romance of flight that has captivated humankind ever since envious eyes turned skyward to observe the effortless glide of birds.

Written by Keoki Gray, Songs of the Archaeopteryx rings with intimate detail. Each chapter is tenderly crafted by someone truly enamored with aviation. The tales are sometimes funny, sometimes tragic, sometimes technical and sometimes magical. Their common thread, an abiding love of flying, binds them all together.

Read about a cross-country journey that deals with weather and mechanical challenges. Or about aerial warriors from another age still haunted by their memories. Or striking a balance between flying and life while connecting with a lost parent through a special gift. Or struggling to perfect an air show act and performing it at an iconic annual event. Or about how September 11 effected pilots on a microcosmic level. These adventures, and more, await...

This anthology will connect most profoundly with those who gaze longingly at that tiny, droning silhouette navigating a cloud-dappled skyscape. But there is something for everyone. There may even be that special story or two that must be enjoyed over and over again. Read Songs of the Archaeopteryx and fall in love with flying, too.


Man what a book! It made me remember why I love flying so much. I really enjoyed the story about the Count. My daughter loves horses and I hope she will read the book too. After reading the book I canít wait to go fly some acro. Thanks again for a wonderful book.
- Stan Burks, Mississippi Forestry Commission
I have just managed to read your wonderful book.
I loved--it especially the chapter on formation flight. I read gripping the chair to see the developments of wing damage and tail repair. So fascinating if one has a real interest in aerobatic flight and accuracy. Thank you so very much for sharing your work with me.
- Jane Wareham, Private and Aerobatic Pilot
Keoki captures his own personal Hawaiian throne as the greatest living Polynesian author of all things this book and you will never confuse the author with any other less awesome like a Tolstoy or a Shakespeare... OK...serious now--Keoki Gray doesn't write his book...he paints it.
- Jeff Randall, Former Air Show Pilot, Air Show Announcer, Chiropractor
I opened the book and read the chapter, Former Lovers, and was impressed! We did the very same thing when my late husband and I bought and sold a little yellow Citabria in which Vince [our son] learned to fly. In that chapter, Keoki captured the connection--even love relationship--between a plane owner and his plane. I enjoyed his writing style very much. Vince will LOVE it!
- Sheryl Longobardo



About the Author
Keoki Gray grew up fascinated by small airplanes, so it is no surprise he ended up as an 11,000-hour aerobatic and air show pilot. His flying adventures, the amazing pilots and colorful people he met helped inspire these tales. Keoki, his wife, Jan, and their animals live in Florida.



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