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Deep Lake by C. P. Donohue

Deep Lake

by C. P. Donohue

270 pages
A fast paced action/adventure/mystery novel.

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Category: Fiction:Adventure
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About the Book
"Some retirement!" Pat thought to himself as he trudged through the debris of fallen rock from the ceiling of the cavern. Pat was very fatigued now, but his military training as an U. S. Navy SEAL wouldn't let him admit it, especially in front of his team. "Ragtag though it was," he admitted to himself, "a feral boy, a wolf, and a…a mermaid? Could it be that there were strange creatures such as these at one time in the earth's long past…perhaps even Poseidon himself? His mind swam with images of ancient sea beasts, myths and monsters from the deep as he plodded onward, carefully avoiding any chance of sustaining a crippling injury at this critical stage of the operation.

Join Pat Donovan in a sweeping adventure where ancient myths lurk behind the present dangers as he races to solve the alarming mystery of Deep Lake and perhaps save the life of his close friend Dr. Christine Mills. Is Pat the knight or the pawn in this gripping enigma? The residents of Deep Creek, the sleepy town nestled on the shores of Deep Lake, are acting strangely again as Pat hides out with Willow, the feral boy, and Kuro, the black wolf, while he is being pursued by the local sheriff and the genius twins, Kyle and Jaime. But Jaime seeks more from Pat than just answers to the mystery of the lake as she casts her lusty spells. Yet, is there an even more insidious plot brewing, not below but above the seemingly tranquil waters? Will Pat Donovan solve the mystery in time to save the town and the nation from the treacherous el Jefe?

Before you take that next sip, ask yourself… Is there something in the water?



About the Author
C. P. Donohue C. P. "Chuck" Donohue was born and raised on a tropical fish farm near the shores of Tampa Bay. He has a long career as an artist and graphics designer, consulting for many high technology corporations in the Washington, D.C. Metropolitan area. Now residing on the tributaries of the Chesapeake Bay in Southern Maryland his hobbies include Kayaking, canoeing, astronomy, wood sculpture and nature photography.



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