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Sabotaging America by John Beesley

Sabotaging America

by John Beesley

260 pages
Explores the current financial crisis and the wider economic implications

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Category: History
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About the Book
The author contends that the financial meltdown that erupted in September 2008 is a symptom of a far larger problem facing America, which is how to pay its way in the world given its growing huge Federal and international trade deficits. The ideology that has guided policy decisions for the past 60 years rests on concepts that bear no relation to the actual current economic situation in which the US now finds itself. The free market-free trade ideology is one of many American myths; the reality is closer to oligopoly capitalism at home and cartel arrangements overseas. Such arrangements suit the elite that fund the political class in Washington, but have had devastating consequences for the future of America. In effect, the ruling elite has sabotaged the future of America for its own enrichment.

This book provides an historical perspective of the development of the economic ideas and series of political decisions that led to today’s crisis. The author offers some solutions that might eventually turn things around. First and foremost, however, the country has to face up to some very unpalatable truths and force its politicians, especially those in the Senate, to do the same.



About the Author
The British born author was educated at London's Imperial College and the University of Dallas. He has produced educational courses on computer design and engineering economics. His previous books concerned small business start up, profitability and management



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