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The Magician's Path to Liberation by Dennis M. Dowell

The Magician's Path to Liberation

by Dennis M. Dowell

224 pages
Through Mr. Dowell's many years of experience as both a practitioner and professional counselor, this secret method, now revealed, of this too often misunderstood skill in practical metaphysics is explained in a clear and concise manner.

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Category: Spirituality And Psychology
About the Book
The Magician's Path to Liberation offers the reader, through the exploration of consciousness, an opportunity to discover where he/she is on their life's path. Traveling the road of the 22 major arcana's, using the vehicle of the Tarot to discern cause and effects in life. This discovery will lead the reader to the power of the God-Self within, and, that the reader has been, is, and always will be, the Magician.

When we choose the courage to embrace the Magician's path as our own we unlock the mysteries of our life. We awaken by understanding the polarity of the inner masculine and feminine aspects of ourselves. Awareness of the polarization of these two powerful sources of energy, when unified through the divine inner marriage, will bring wholeness, oneness and blissful life.

The Tarot is ancient and universal. It is beyond boundaries and can be integrated into all cultures, beliefs or religions. This marvelous tool when used to research consciousness exposes itself as the "book of instructions" for which we have yearned in our lives.

Play, (on this modern over hurried planet of ours) is perhaps a forgotten art with the majority of adults. When we lose our capacity to play with ideas, we become rigid, and this takes away much, (if not all) of the joy of living. Picturing the future, and creating new designs of reality, is what makes Tarot such a pleasurable and spiritually releasing practice.

When we use the Tarot, and begin to play with the picture ideas, the various images relate to us the more universal symbols or archetypes that are implied in these art cards. We return to the magic of the original ocean of being. We are renewed and opened to new ways of discernment, thought, and action.

The Hindu conception of the universe (and all of its extraordinary diversity as "God's Play" or Lila) is one of the most sophisticated, yet, childlike ideas in all of the world's philosophies. This model of how and why anything is possible as God's Play, Lila, leads us to an understanding that we are never in as tight a space as we sense that we may be at any time in our lives, no matter what exterior experiences may be presently going on about us. There is a way out of any situation, no matter how difficult, provided we have the courage and "tools of the possible" to work things out with. This is where Tarot comes into play.

This book, The Magician's Path to Liberation, explains how the Tarot, when used as a map, will help in navigating one's life path. It pinpoints where we are on our evolutionary path at any particular time. When we find ourselves faced with particular problems, accessing the map of the major arcana, will provide solutions. Dealing with situations and overcoming obstacles all reside within our own consciousness; the cards simply reflect this.

The Tarot is a vehicle. When used for the inner exploration of our consciousness it can guide us to freedom. The Magician's Path to Liberation, is intended to open the gate to an understanding of life. Each card becomes a signpost on the road we travel.

Thus we see the microcosm/macrocosm as the foundation of our worldly experience. As we sow, so shall we reap! As I am, so is my world!



About the Author
Dennis Dowell is a pioneer of innovative thinking, a minister, author, businessman and entrepreneur. He is a certified tarot reader, a consultant, counselor, teacher of the tarot and healer.



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