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That Other Tree by Barbara Nixon

That Other Tree

by Barbara Nixon

130 pages
Do not eat the forbidden fruit from the wrong tree.

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Category: Religion:Christianity
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About the Book
For two thousand years there has been religion and Christian teachings, with struggle and sometimes war. Navigating through life is not based on long range planning, but submitting to One Who already overcame the World and death, the Spirit of God in Jesus Christ.

Knowing about Him is not enough. Knowing Him is everything.

This little book is an overview, from one woman's perspective, of how important that "rudder" is to the true course of the "ship".

Just a fraction off and the whole of the trip will have a different destination, and no matter how we think we are doing it is all-important to find out from God Himself, how our one little life...must be subject to Him.

Satan and his angels think they will have Heaven. They are wrong, but we see forces building every day that demonstrate otherwise.

With religion so abundant one would think that love would be ruling the earth, but this is not so. Only those who truly know Him, willing to submit to Him, are on course as we navigate through the final hostile and constricting events on the earth.

Consider the thread of thought in this book as a “rudder adjustment”, if it is necessary. Everyone wants Heaven, but only some truly want God.



About the Author
Born in Detroit, lived in Connecticut, now living in South Florida the author is an artist and enjoys writing. She has three grown daughters, and six grandchildren.



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