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Holding the World Together by Marilyn Mehr

Holding the World Together

by Marilyn Mehr

338 pages
Two people defying culture and religion to honor their love.

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Category: Fiction:Historical
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About the Book
HOLDING THE WORLD TOGETHER is a captivating adventure, a touching love story and an evocation of the American West in all its wildness, solitude and splendor. Anna and Jakob, two Swiss converts to the Mormon church, settle in Eastern Utah, where Anna meets a young Ute lawyer, Ben Colorow, fighting for the rights of the Ute Nation. Against all odds, he and Anna fall in love and must face the wrath of their family and friends.

While there have been many stories exploring the rich experiences of immigrants in America, there have been few that have captured the power of the mystical homegrown religion known as Mormonism. From 1850-1900, missionaries persuaded more than 50,000 Europeans to join "the gathering" of Mormons on the Western frontier. These immigrants often found conditions less hospitable than in their homelands. Many encountered hostile reactions from Native Americans who heroically attempted to save their ancestral lands. In HOLDING THE WORLD TOGETHER, two people overcome tradition and religion and fall in love.


Holding the World Together is both a moving story and part of the effort to reclaim some of our lost history that many of us would prefer not to know. Native Americans were the losers in America's Manifest Destiny. The arrival of the European Americans in what is now Utah was devastating to the Ute's. I recommend this book to everyone who wants to know, rather than to forget.
- William B. Sinkford, Past President, Unitarian Universalist Association



About the Author
Marilyn Mehr Marilyn Mehr, Ph.D. is an author, psychologist and former Professor of Family Medicine. She is also the granddaughter of Mormon pioneers who settled on the rough frontier of Eastern Utah. Currently, she is President of the Board of Directors, Unitarian Universalist United Nations Office.



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