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The Angel and The Beast: Sealed in their Foreheads by Melvin L Wilkinson

The Angel and The Beast: Sealed in their Foreheads

by Melvin L Wilkinson

254 pages
Alien Disclosure. Who are they? What do they really want?

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Category: Fiction:SciFi Fantasy Horror
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About the Book
In an alternate universe very much like ours, at a time very close to our present, the most powerful human in the world, the President of the United States, comes face to face with the most powerful non-human in the world. Sept 11, 2001 demonstrates the incredible power of the alien beings and gives clues to what they really want. The President has many conversations with the leader of the aliens, The Beast, who reveals the alien master plan. Initially completely overwhelmed by the power of The Beast, the President finds the strength through God to courageously fight against him.

Part II, takes place several years later under a new president. The government has been using the economic crisis, global warming and the fight against terrorism to take away all constitutional rights. An international economic council is formed, headed secretly by The Beast, which controls the economy of the whole world. Those who are continuing the fight for freedom are forced to flee to the mountains. The International Council announces that friendly Aliens will arrive in NYC in their space ship on December 21, 2012. They do arrive with great fanfare, perform miracles, and announce that they have been the friends and benefactors of mankind for thousands of years. They are here to lead mankind into a new era of peace and prosperity where there are no national governments and all of mankind is really one. A sacred crystal implanted in the forehead will enable all of mankind to communicate with one another and their new alien leaders.

The freedom fighters in the mountains have, with the help of God, defeated several attempts to conquer them. They analyze The Mark of the Beast and the Number of the Beast and discover their true meaning. They are greatly aided in their battles by their Indigo, and Crystal Children, who are spiritually very advanced. God commands David and Deborah, the leaders of the freedom fighters, to take their two children, Joseph and Maria, to NYC and confront the Beast at the dedication of his Temple. The four depart alone to face the millions of followers of The Beast. They are taken captive and witness the Abomination of Desolation in the Temple of the Beast. A tremendous battle takes place with the souls of all mankind at stake.


ave you ever wondered about Alien life forms living among us and interacting with us? Have you ever wonder if the "facts" behind 9/11 and the terrorist attacks don't quite add up? Is our government and our President being run by a higher intelligence? Is the end of the world truly coming in 2012? All of these questions and more are asked and thoroughly probed in the book The Angel and the Beast. This is a work of fiction that's based on a lot of controversial data out there such as crystals harboring energy and being used for good or evil purposes, telepathy between twins and children, the sign of the beast and what it could mean in these last days and how we as a people could potentially be fooled by someone masquerading as a "Savior." I really enjoyed this book, it was eerily realistic and made me think a lot about the years to come and what the potential of our children may be!
- Holly Cookinham
I am enthralled with your book...Your individualized dialogue helps to give each character life. the robotic, cold speech of the Beast makes him/it all too real...I generally have a hard time latching on to a book - I have only read three "real" books in their entirety...I classify your book in with these.... compelling, fluidly written, and easy to follow - and fall in to.
- Walter C. Thomas
You are very right about the similarities to the Movie Sherlock Holmes. The book and the movie are amazing :) Glad you gave me a copy to read.
- Jesse Serl



About the Author
Melvin has a degree in Social Psychology. He has been an avid reader of science fiction since the 50's. He is now an avid reader of the internet. He really identifies with Robert Langdon, the symbologist, but he would rather call himself an integrationist. He takes information from many sources and integrates it in a meaningful way.



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