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Honor Bound by John Ratti

Honor Bound

by John Ratti

353 pages
A female US Army captain on a Mideast mission.

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Category: Fiction:Adventure
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About the Book

Leading a biological warfare detection squad in the desert years after the Gulf War, US Army Captain Kasey Lawrence receives an abrupt summons to command and is ordered on an immediate assignment inside Iraq to meet a high ranking official allegedly possessing information of vital importance to the region. During her briefing, Saudi Arabian Air Force Captain Nasir ibn Saud arrives and is declared her mission partner. Captain Lawrence masks her astonishment at the announcement while the Saudi royal objects to being teamed with a woman, a violation of protocol between the nations. Told there is no time to stand on ceremony, he reluctantly accompanies her. Their life altering journey unfolds among revolution, political intrigue, and clashing cultures involving monarchs, diplomats, Mossad, the CIA, an American president, Saddam Hussein, and a twenty-five thousand member all female rebel army that ultimately leads them to a startling revelation that will forever change the world.

Ranging from the Mideast to small town America and the White House, Honor Bound casts light on subjects and places vital to but little understood by most Americans, ending with an astonishing prediction about our future. With energy issues currently at the forefront of American consciousness, Honor Bound focuses on what many believe to be the country's most important foreign bond - our discreetly intimate relationship with political life-partner Saudi Arabia, where it is said over one-quarter of the world's oil reserves sit beneath desert sand, controlled by a small monarchy called the House of Saud that rules over a modest population surrounded by more militant Arab states several times its size. If you want to know the shocking truths about the politics of energy, the price of patriotism and the danger in America's entangling alliances, you need to read Honor Bound and experience the story of Captain Kasey Lawrence as she learns the profound terms of heroism in our time.



About the Author
John Ratti believes things important to know are difficult, even dangerous to know. His work anticipates tomorrow's headlines while emphasizing the moral challenges of living in today's world, often exploring how we regard others, the molding of public perception and the price we pay for our undiscovered self.



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