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Perfect Day - The Last Misty by Lee Rand

Perfect Day - The Last Misty

by Lee Rand

386 pages
A dramatic rescue in Vietnam leads to a shocking discovery!

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Category: Fiction:Historical
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About the Book
Perfect Day - The Last Misty is a novel which grew from a son's search for his father's involvement in the Second Indochina War, known as the "Vietnam War" to most Americans. The story involves a young man, Michael, as he begins a new assignment as a Pararescue-Jumper, or PJ, within a rescue unit at the heart of war-torn Vietnam. The fictional story is used as a means to honor many real-life heroes who gave their lives in service to their country's call and to highlight their incredible exploits. Perfect Day - The Last Misty attempts to shed some light on the complex relationship between individual soldiers, their families, and the intense sense of duty and bonding between those soldiers. In contrast to many works covering the United States' involvement in Southeast Asia, Perfect Day - The Last Misty is intended to inspire, motivate, and enlighten younger generations while giving thanks to those men and women who served their country and each other throughout a difficult and unpopular time in America's history.

Perfect Day - The Last Misty also attempts to highlight relationships often overlooked in contemporary literature surrounding America's involvement in Southeast Asia - that of the families who served and supported their loved ones in this conflict and to remind others of the ultimate price paid by members of South Vietnam's armed forces as well. The story is also used to introduce the Montagnard people of the Central Highlands and to honor those who died serving their ancestral homeland in the cause of freedom.

The work is specifically dedicated to several members of the United States armed forces killed in action attempting to preserve South Vietnam's freedom but goes beyond their individual heroic deeds to illustrate a much greater sense of service to God, family and country by those supporting the uniformed soldier.

Finally, the work gives the reader resources to locate these true-life heroes at the Vietnam Memorial Wall in Washington, D.C., photos of significant aircraft from the story, and museum references for additional information.



About the Author
Lee Rand is a husband and father of five in the Dallas - Ft. Worth, Texas area. A graduate of the U.S. Air Force Academy, he has written articles for the U.S. Air Force and American Airlines. He and his family work with several volunteer organizations, including Mother Teresa's Missionaries of Charity.



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