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Greatest Warrior in the World Book 1: The Pelgoth by Gordon Good

Greatest Warrior in the World Book 1: The Pelgoth

by Gordon Good

378 pages
Otter Risenhart's unfolding discovery of his magic world of Vernavion.

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Category: Fiction:SciFi Fantasy Horror
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About the Book

Greatest Warrior in the World Book 1: The Pelgoth is the first in a series exploring this question in the fascinating fantasy world of Vernavion.

The Lamdar of Lamor and the Sherond of the Tol Mountains have been at war for decades. Each side claims the other caused their war through unprovoked, barbarous acts. Each side claims the other perpetuates their war through continued barbarism. Each side seems unable to escape their war.

Otter Risenhart is a young Sherond Veran who fully expects to participate in his people's war, mounted on his beloved Shera, the mountain sheep his people have domesticated for war. What he doesn't expect, as he embarks on his warrior's career, are the recurring signs of a realm and purposes that run much deeper than the simple world he was brought up to believe in.



About the Author
Gordon Good is a Canadian author who has maintained a lifelong love for writing of various kinds since his early teens. Inspired by the fantasy works of such famous authors as C.S. Lewis, J.R.R. Tolkien and Stephen R. Donaldson, he set out to create a universe of his own. The world and experiences of Otter Risenhart are a product of that quest.



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