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Miracle Juicing:  Unleashing The Secret To Vibrant  Health by Joseph Dumizo

Miracle Juicing: Unleashing The Secret To Vibrant Health

by Joseph Dumizo

156 pages
Juicing recipes to beat hypertension and rejuvenate your life naturally.

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Category: Health
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About the Book
Miracle Juicing is about the authorís secret juicing combinations of selected vegetables, herbs and fruits that helped him beat hypertension naturally, after a life-threatening bout with prescription drugs.

He stopped taking all medications, searched for a natural alternative and made an amazing discovery that restored his high blood pressure to normal levels and completely eliminated other ailments. The Book examines the Biblical Divine diet designed for mankind and the root causes of most diseases. A practical guide on the optimal nutrition is presented as the natural solution to healthy living. The book ends with an uplifting message that lifeís journey on this Earth can be joyful and fulfilling if one follows Godís plan, live wisely, eat right, and prevent illness.

Miracle Juicing: Unleashing The Secret To Vibrant Health is not only about the authorís journey back to health, but also the promise and hope for everyone that any degenerative medical condition can be reverse with a healthy diet and lifestyle. The book presents the link between diet and diseases in ways that might surprise you. You will learn to avoid foods that could be contributing to your ill health, and eat more of the foods that will unleash the secret to vibrant health.

When you adopt the healthy juicing recipes and lifestyle changes detailed in the book, you will stay healthy and prevent diseases just as our Creator intended ówith no drugs and no side effects.



About the Author
Joseph Dumizo Author is a realtor with a passion for natural remedies. A graduate from Delaware State University, BS Economics, and BS Marketing, and an MBA from West Chester University, PA. Additionally, author received certificates in Eat Godís Way and Nutrition Consultant from Life Extension Center. He has three children and a grandchild.



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