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Veiled in a Sunlit Haze by Jesper Frederik Gottlieb

Veiled in a Sunlit Haze

by Jesper Frederik Gottlieb

354 pages
Confronting the nature of power and family, loyalty and responsibility.

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Category: Fiction:SciFi Fantasy Horror
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About the Book
Veiled in a Sunlit Haze is the story of Askillen, indoctrinated with ideas of racial supremacy and domination. He is forced to commit terrible crimes in service of his adoptive father's megalomaniacal ambitions. Sent on a fateful mission, Askillen discovers he must undertake a difficult quest with the fate of his world hanging in the balance.

Askillen's guide in his quest is an eccentric old man, Talis, who is both less than he seems, and more. Talis stands half in this world, half in another, and answers only to the highest authority of all.

In pursuing his quest, Askillen will discover a world of people and ideas beyond the manipulative teachings of his adoptive father. He will discover both a real family's love that he never knew, and the meaning of loyalty not based on fear. Askillen must reject everything he has been taught to ultimately defeat Eliphas, the most powerful man this side of the Gods themselves.

Although Veiled in a Sunlit Haze incorporates the epic sweep of Tolkien's Lord of the Rings, and the textured complexity of Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time, it has a character and flavor all its own. This novel delights readers with the best aspects of a heroic quest, while also challenging readers to confront more philosophical ideas about the nature of power and family, loyalty and responsibility.



About the Author
Jesper Frederik Gottlieb was born in Naestved, Denmark in 1974 and grew up around Copenhagen. Jesper has a master's degree in history/political science and has studied journalism. Jesper has published front-page articles in two leading newspapers in Denmark. He has lived two years in England and one year in Greenland.



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