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Quest for the Crown by Virginia McCown

Quest for the Crown

by Virginia McCown

330 pages
The search leads to a tropical island and stone ruins.

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Category: Fiction:Adventure
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About the Book
Why did Hitler go to so much trouble to recover an ancient crown? A crown last worn by King David over 3000 years ago? A submarine is on its way back to Germany with what’s left of the crown during WWII, when it is engaged with Allied forces in the lagoon of a tropical island, and meets an untimely end.

Why are mercenaries now after the same crown, despite the dreadful reputation it has acquired? Is there a possibility that if the huge missing pearl is replaced in the crown, it will again become an object of benign power?

Camille has always wanted to do something to save the environment, people, animals, plants – the whole earth. Despite a long list of college and university degrees, she is still a secretary, until she gets the bright idea that she might be more effective as a journalist, a travel writer.

Craig, a well known travel photographer, has fallen on hard times and lost all of his expensive photography equipment through accident and theft. He takes a job at a news magazine to replace it, where he meets Camille.

Somehow they get caught up in a desperate quest to find King David’s crown before the mercenaries get their hands on it.

The trail leads to a lush tropical island and the ruins of a royal enclave, protected by an ancient taboo. The elderly hereditary king of a nearby inhabited island has a vision and knows he must help Craig and Camille recover the crown, so he makes arrangements to intercept them there.

Soon Craig, Camille, and Craig’s friend Grant, who got them embroiled in the search in the first place, stumble on the king, whose name is Chanarith. The four do their best to escape the pursuing mercenaries, while trying to find and recover the crown. Chanarith is key to their survival and success. His broken English and humble appearance is deceptive, and conceals a keen intelligence which includes the ability to converse in five languages, plus a long-standing familiarity with the area, and secret knowledge of hidden places.

The mercenaries are led by Sid, who is wanted in a dozen countries around the world for past misdeeds – there is a large price on his head. He works for Terry, a Chicago businessman, who must obtain the crown, intact, and very soon. The crown, when restored, will be worth a great deal financially, but far more important to Terry is it’s historical power to influence events and enhance the outcome according to the wishes of the one who wears it. Terry is in a lot of trouble and needs a miracle to save himself. He will stop at nothing to obtain the crown.

Jim, a customs officer at the Honolulu Municipal Airport, works for Terry on the side, and is Terry’s Field Manager over Sid. Caught between the two, he is in a difficult position, until he realizes he might turn the whole thing around and end up with the jewels himself.



About the Author
Virginia McCown Author Ginny McCown, a native of Southern California, lived and worked on a small tropical island in 1980-81 and heard stories of a mysterious island that have remained with her through years of college, work, and other adventures.

She is also an artist and enjoys sculpture and wood burning.



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