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Let's Get It On! Realistic Strategies for Winning the Sales Game by Scott Marker

Let's Get It On! Realistic Strategies for Winning the Sales Game

by Scott Marker

222 pages
Topics include sales, selling, closing, prospecting, retention, sales strategies, and sales process.

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Category: Business:Marketing:Sales
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About the Book
"Can you handle the truth"?

This book contains over 20 years of "in the trenches" sales research based on practical experience in seven different industries and backed up by countless sales studies. Scott Marker’s research found that many common sales ideas, strategies, and techniques, just didn’t work in the “real” sales world. Even the methods taught by leading companies made the same mistake… teaching unrealistic material for the real world.

Companies, sales executives, sales managers and sales professionals are hungry for proven methods “that guarantee more sales, even in the toughest business environment. Let’s Get It On delivers.

What makes Scott Marker’s book different? Scott has been a student and teacher of martial arts for over 28 years and he found that the most successful competitors don’t just learn “what” and “how” to do the moves but also they understand the “why”. This deeper understanding enables them to become a black belt and achieve higher levels of success in competition. Similarly, most books on sales either teach “what” to do “how” to perform techniques, but they don’t reveal the secret of “why”. The “Why” is vital to continual improvement and becoming a black belt in sales. Let’s Get It On! unlocks the secret “Why”.

You will discover:

How to avoid sales professionals' biggest mistakes.

You will learn the short cuts! How to cut years off the learning process in sales.

How to shorten the sales cycle and reduce chasing unqualified leads.

Why most companies are the biggest competitor for their own sales force; and how to change it.

Learn sales skills that you can actually use on a sales call. “It's not a skill if you can't use it.”

Are you ready to start increasing your sales? Start a successful sales career on the right path? Start working smarter and not harder? If you can handle the truth, what are you waiting for?

Scott Marker teaches companies and sales professionals a realistic methodology and a process so they can teach themselves, for continuous improvement.

Top executives over the last decade have said…

“The ability to learn faster than your competitors, may be the only sustainable competitive advantage in the future.”

So, Let’s Get It On!



About the Author
For the past 20 years Scott Marker has been a passionate student of “in the trenches” sales. Scott’s on-the-job experience has shown that many sales ideas, techniques and strategies taught by leading companies make the same mistake that many martial arts schools make today... teaching unrealistic material for the real world.



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