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Nick & Sadie by Dennis Parker

Nick & Sadie

by Dennis Parker

147 pages
Nick & Sadie is a Christmas fantasy of "what ifs."

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Category: Fiction
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About the Book
Nick and Sadie seem to live rather ordinary lives ... but yet, there is something special about them. After all, he does look like Santa Claus; she is a loving and caring person admired by everyone; and children are naturally drawn to them. They bring out the best in everyone they meet.

Three years ago they moved to North Carolina so they could live near children and their families. Their new life is everything they expected. Nick is a substitute teacher at the neighborhood elementary school, and Sadie creates wonderful candy recipes for a candy manufacturer.

Their dilemma is to remain true to themselves without anyone discovering their secret. Everything appears to be going well until Sadie receives an offer from her employer, Nick is nominated for a teaching award, and one of Nickís students insists that he is someone else.

Nick & Sadie is a heartwarming Christmas story about respect, integrity and love.



About the Author
Dennis Parkerís entire career has focused on communications: writer, editor, press secretary, communications director, publications designer and marketing manager. His skills have been utilized in government, the private sector and for a non-profit organization. He earned his degree in political science at North Carolina State University. Most of his volunteer work has centered on fund-raising for mission projects and the Boy Scouts. He is married with two children and two granddaughters.



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