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Our Great Journey: A Love Story by Tom McGoy

Our Great Journey: A Love Story

by Tom McGoy

108 pages
A chronicle of a couple’s battle with wife’s breast cancer

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Category: Health:Medicine:Cancer
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About the Book
My wife Carolyn’s diagnosis of aggressive breast cancer propelled us into a heroic battle against this horrendous foe. The book chronicles our skirmishes with this enemy.

Come join us on Our Great Journey.

Accompany us as we attempt to be resolute in our initial goal, victory, but pursue a life together seeking a normalcy with family, activities and other experiences.

You will be introduced to the details of the ensuing battle; testing, treatments, interactions with the oncology community, including our successes and disappointments throughout this journey. You will be traveling the road with us into the world of the unknown, observing the physical and emotional impact that the disease had on our lives.

The underlying message to the reader is that the obstacles one encounters during their journey on the road of life can be overcome by continuing to move forward, accepting the challenges and enjoying one’s blessings on a daily basis with their loved ones, caregivers and friends.



About the Author
Tom McGoy is a retiree who was married to his wife Carolyn for almost 46 years when her breast cancer was diagnosed. This created a more intense closeness between husband and wife, inspiring Tom to write the book chronicling their story of the struggle with that disease.



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