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Tempest on Board the Sugarcane by Mike Connole

Tempest on Board the Sugarcane

by Mike Connole

206 pages
A sailing expedition in the Caribbean that turns into a nightmare.

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Category: Fiction:Adventure
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About the Book
Three boyhood friends who grew up and now work in Southern California embark on a sailing trip in the Caribbean with their wives. On the first leg of their expedition, they encounter a tropical depression which does nothing to ease the tension among the three women.

While snorkeling off a small island, three small-time outlaws steal one of their backpacks from the beach. Credit cards, some cash and one set of keys to the boat were included in the stolen articles.

The following night, two of the pirates come on board the Tempest, surprise one of the women and kidnap her. They return to the Boss's ketch (the Sugarcane) with their bootie. Their captain is furious, having recently decided to leave his life of smuggling and drug trafficking behind, and return to the family estate and factories in Barbados to help his aging father. They close Tammy in one of the cabins and head south where Boss will drop off this hot cargo. In short time, the captain and his captee fall in love. Tammy feels obliged to reveal her dark medical secret to Boss.

In the meantime, the five other members of the crew of Tempest get the local gendarmes and Interpol involved in trying to locate Tammy. Her husband is surprised by his feelings - his relationship with Tammy had been practically non-existant for quite some time, yet they were bound together by Tammy's serious medical problem.

Flashbacks are used throughout the book to better understand the present reactions of the six Americans and also the Barbadian to their actual situation.

Tammy manages to contact her husband, Hal, informing him that she is well, and with the man that she loves. Hal is shaken but is willing to accept Tammy's decision. All seven meet up in Martinique, and after a tearful goodbye, the five Americans return to California.

Tammy and Bryan - aka Boss - spend a idylic year in Barbados, where Tammy's health declines toward the end. They decide to sail off to the islands of Aruba, Curacao and Bonnaire, and end up in Saint Lucia, where their romance began.



About the Author
The author has lived and practiced medicine on the Caribbean island of Guadeloupe for 30 years. With his wife and children, he has sailed extensively throughout the Caribbean.He has already published a medical book in French and in Polish. This is his first novel.



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