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The Alibi by Dennie Kuhn

The Alibi

by Dennie Kuhn

124 pages
Murder suspect defends outer-worldly alibi in court.

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Category: Fiction:SciFi Fantasy Horror
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About the Book
Crime is an ugly business. It can also make you rich. Case in point, Hagan Lamont. He has it all: A successful law practice, a team of dedicated assistants, and a winning reputation.

When Lamont is forced to represent Riley Aisling, he tells his staff it's an open and shut case. But Aisling won't play ball, won't accept an insanity plea, claims he has an alibi. As the trial date draws near, evidence supporting his client's bizarre claims threaten to undermine Lamont's very grasp on reality.

Is Aisling a brutal, homicidal maniac, or the victim of an outer-worldly abduction?



About the Author
Dennie Kuhn is a freelance writer whose work is prominent on the Internet and in print publications like The Buzz On Exercise and Fitness. Kuhn lives in Southern Alberta, Canada with her family and pets, where she is working on her next novel. The Alibi is her first long work of fiction.



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