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Kid with the Cape by Edward Bereta

Kid with the Cape

by Edward Bereta

193 pages
Boy-magician discovers a powerful cape that Red saboteurs will kill for.

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Category: Fiction:Adventure
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About the Book
It's the 1950's and the "Big Red Scare" is in full swing. Many Americans fear that Communism can and will take over the world.

In Pennsylvania, nerdy 12-year-old Stanley Robeski buys an old cape which he incorporates into his magic act.

He becomes a big hit when his powerful cape elevates him way above his audience during the School Spirit Day Show, mystifying all at Pullman Elementary.

Later, Stanley and his pals, Ronnie and Neil, discover that if properly energized, the cape can soar. But secret instructions warn that the cape is dangerous and erratic.

Before Stanley can test the cape, Red saboteurs arrive to confiscate it--at any price--even murder! Soon they are on the innocent boy's trail.

But due to a timely warning, Stanley escapes. But where can he go? How can he hide from the murderous Red death squad that follows him?
What strange powers does the cape possess?

Join Stanley in this great adventure, and let your imagination take flight.



About the Author
Nothing much is known of the very mysterious Edward Bereta. But he is known to haunt coffee shops at night. The few photos of him have doubtful authenticity. He often wears an eye-patch to cover a glass eye. A reliable CIA source has stated that aliens may have inserted an implant in his brain.



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