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Freemasonry: The Truth by Darryl Hunter

Freemasonry: The Truth

by Darryl Hunter

63 pages
A modern day explanation of Freemasonry.

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Category: Religion
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About the Book
Written by a Mason, Freemasonry: The Truth is the first modern day explanation of Freemasonry in a very concise presentation. The book is extremely revealing by answering many questions including: What religious system is Masonry really based on? Why is the 3rd degree really the highest? Which Hollywood blockbuster is Masonry closest to historically...hint, it has nothing to do with 'Codes' or 'Demons' What is the royal secret of Masonry? What is Hiram Abiff's real name? What's the real cause of conflict between the church and Masonry? Why does Masonry not reference Jesus in its ceremonies? These are just some of the questions answered by the book written for Masons and non Masons.



About the Author
Darryl Hunter is a Mason, as well as a Royal Arch Mason, with many years of research in the areas of Freemasonry, Eastern Philosophy, and religious studies. His no nonsense, modern day writing style cuts through the useless jargon that plagues many of today's masonic works. He has a gift of seeing and explaining concepts and showing correlations and the interconnections of masonry with formal religions. He gives the reader a pop culture feel when consuming his work.



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