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The Champagne Taste/Beer Budget Cookbook (Second Edition) by Woodrow Wilson

The Champagne Taste/Beer Budget Cookbook (Second Edition)

by Woodrow Wilson

134 pages
Restaurant quality meals without quality restaurant prices.

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Category: Cooking
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About the Book
Got champagne taste and a beer budget? Here's the cookbook for you. A great meal doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg. For the cost of burgers out, you can dine on filet mignon at home. Woodrow Wilson's The Champagne Taste/Beer Budget Cookbook shows the way. This small volume is full of recipes simple enough they're a joy to cook, and tasty enough they're a joy to eat. Whether it's an intimate dinner for two, or having the boss over for the first time, you'll be proud to serve from this fine cookbook.

Enjoy restaurant quality meals without the quality restaurant prices. One meal eaten in rather than eaten out pays for the book. With the money you save cooking with The Champagne Taste/Beer Budget Cookbook, you could serve filet mignon every night. Better yet, the money you won't be spending will add up as fast as an executive's paycheck. Best of all, the government hasn't figured out how to tax these benefits...yet.

Great recipes for the stove or the oven, the barbecue or the slow cooker. Some, like bacon-wrapped crab-stuffed shrimp, are transportable. Some, like smoked turkey, aren't. Serve something fancy, like pork medallions stuffed with bleu cheese or onion-stuffed sirloin. Serve something basic like meatball stew or pot roast. Serve something great every time.

The Champagne Taste/Beer Budget Cookbook is about more than just eating well and saving money. With instructions like "marinate significant other, set aside" and "open the beer, drink half" it puts fun back into the kitchen.

All that, and it's good for you. You pick the ingredientsógo organic if you like. You prepare them your way. Leave out what you can't eat or donít like. Salt to taste, not to cost. Those prepared foods youíve been eating are loaded with salt. Itís a cheap filler. It spikes up the taste and hides a multitude of sins. You have nothing to hide. Add just enough.


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About the Author
Caltech PhD chemist Woodrow Wilson brings creativity out of the laboratory and into the kitchen. Inventing some recipes and refining others, Wilson presents The Champagne Taste/Beer Budget Cookbook, a collection of recipes simple enough they are a joy to cook, but delicious enough they are a joy to eat.



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