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The Golden Thread by Catherine Craig

The Golden Thread

by Catherine Craig

536 pages
Cleverly woven through dramatization and characters-turned-storytellers, gripping stories of Jesus Christís lineage span thirty generations of Old Testament History, unveiling Godís secrets and revealing mankindís purpose.

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Category: Fiction:Historical
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About the Book
The title The Golden Thread itself is this bookís most revealing description. As a historical novel, it provides insight into the past from several unique angles, very applicable to present-day challenges readers face.

The author, by using story-within-a-story techniques, has successfully captured several generations in one literary work of fiction, seamlessly weaving the charactersí lives together in the process. The entire fabric of the book is based upon the lineage of Jesus Christ found in the first chapter of the gospel of Matthew in the New Testament, including over thirty generations of Jewish history.

There are sixteen pages of endnotes easily referencing readers back to appropriate places in the Old Testament records from where they originate. Though there are some scenes and a handful of additional characters woven into the book, for the most part The Golden Thread stays true to the original accounts. Most deviations are marked in the endnotes so readers can differentiate. Thus the author, though not a Bible scholar but a veteran Bible student for over thirty years, has attempted to maintain literary accountability to the original Bible texts.

The target audience of this book is without limit, except to very young children. Older children and teenagers dealing with peer pressure will easily identify with Abraham as he repeatedly tangles with other boys bent on making his life difficult. Young Abraham Ė known as Abram during his early years - was a boy in search of truth who often brought persecution down on himself because of his tendency to be outspoken. To make matters worse, his father was an idol manufacturer and as his son, Abram was expected to one day adopt the trade.

Throughout the book, intricate intimate relationships between family members and friends with all sorts of interesting twists and turns will fascinate those interested in the complexities of human interactions. One example is young King David during his growing up years dealing with the challenges of being the youngest holding his own against six older brothers - the difficulty of carrying more responsibility than the rest along with his fatherís repeatedly favoring the others over him Ė all these issues leave David in a quandary and sometimes a funk. Another example is the complicated relationship between Sarah, Abrahamís wife whose childbearing years were long-delayed and Hagar his concubine who bore his first son. The grand culmination of family relationships occurs with Mary and Joseph, the main players in the ďFinaleĒ, the last portion of the three-part saga.

Dramatic battle scenes pepper both the Old Testament, and portions of this book. Its spectacular underlying thread lies in the perfect timing of events over hundreds of years often foretold and precipitated by the rise and fall of nations and rulers. Readers baffled by happenings on todayís political front will relax more after reading this book. There should be no doubt in anyoneís mind that Israelís God is still on the throne.


The story of the Bible is a unique one but may read a little dry sometimes. The Golden Thread is Catherine J. Craig creating a novelization of biblical stories of the New Testament. Presenting the tale in a riveting format and in a way that anyone who enjoys novels can read, Catherine J. Craig brings these biblical tales to life. The Golden Thread is a fine addition to any historical or biblical novel collection.
- Mary Cowpar, The Midwest Book Review



About the Author
Based out of South Central Alaska, Catherine and her husband Jeff are semi-retired with a part-time business. Catherine's hobbies include sea kayaking, fishing, and kiting. Her greatest passion is to daily become more intimately acquainted with God, and introduce Him to others. She has four adult children, and eight grandchildren.



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