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Making It in a Down Economy: College, Work, Savings Tips by Michael J. Laurence

Making It in a Down Economy: College, Work, Savings Tips

by Michael J. Laurence

58 pages
Jobs and educational/financial strategies to survive bad economy.

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Category: Business
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About the Book
In a globally depressed economy, people of all ages need to know what their options for income are.

This book provides information for those who need to secure a GED and/or a college degree as quickly and inexpensively as possible.

It provides links to both military careers and government jobs.

It describes a number of jobs that can be done either as a supplement to some income or as way to make a living. Most of the positions require little additional education beyond the high school level.

A few careers would require either a certificate (a year or less of community college normally) or an Associates Degree (two years of full-time college).

Some cautions and reminders are included, such as what types of insurance and experience are needed to start your own business.

For those who want to be an employee instead of working for themselves, some tips on resumes, applications, and interviews are included.

Retirement savings information is included, for both the self-employed and employees.

Ways to investigate business opportunities and how to get personal, accurate, individualized information for your situation is included.

Ways to keep a clean and safe computer are also discussed because for most of us, computers will be a large part of work and personal finances.

The book was written primarily for young people who are going to enter the most competitive business environment ever. However, for anyone who wants to start his own business or who is now an unemployed worker seeking income, there are solid ideas on how to make a living. Older workers will also benefit from information and choices.

Some suggested jobs involve a lot of physical power; others involve a lot of mental work; most have a good balance between physical and mental demands and can be done by normal people without extraordinary funds, a college degree, or amazing talent.

Creating your own job can be a good alternative to seeking work, especially in this economic environment.


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About the Author
Michael J. Laurence taught college for more than two decades and is self-taught in the investment and financial fields. A graduate Counseling degree and business experience have led Laurence to share with many with career, business, and financial issues.



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