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Help Wanted - Volunteer Recruitment and Retention by Alan Rufer

Help Wanted - Volunteer Recruitment and Retention

by Alan Rufer

108 pages
Find out why they're not joining your organization.

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About the Book
If you’re a Fire Chief, EMS Director, Training Officer or hold any other position of leadership; then Help Wanted – Volunteer Recruitment and Retention, is a must-have book for your library. Twenty year veteran Alan Rufer takes off the gloves and separates fact from fiction, revealing the true status of the volunteer/POC fire service. No more political correctness, no more group think, Alan simply tells it like it is.

Alan went straight to the firefighters to get the answers to the questions everyone wants to know. Inside this book you’ll find the answers to these questions:

• Why volunteers are not joining your organization
• What volunteer/POC firefighters think about their Officers
• Why retaining your members depends on your training program
• The truth about monetary compensation and why it won’t solve your recruitment problems.
• What your members really think about those social events.
• Why they join an organization.
• The true impact of required training.
• What really motivates your members?

In addition, Alan includes his 5-step process for designing a successful recruitment program. If you are experiencing staffing problems, this book will provide you with the information necessary to design a recruitment program that works.



About the Author
Alan earned an MBA with an emphasis in Organizational Development from Upper Iowa University, Iowa. Alan is certified as a Fire Officer I, Fire Instructor II, Fire Inspector, Incident Safety Officer, Motor Pump Operator, and Firefighter II. He currently serves as a company officer and is responsible for training new recruits.



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