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Religion Is The Anti-Christ by Hazielle LeDawn

Religion Is The Anti-Christ

by Hazielle LeDawn

48 pages
The role of religions, gods, aliens, and Masters Of Peace.

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Category: Spirituality And Psychology
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About the Book
The Anti-Christ is not the enemy of a particular religion. It is the embodiment of hate and war. Hate is at the root of religions that disagree. Religious prejudice feeds the hunger of the blood-thirsty Anti-Christ. Hate and war ensures that this spirit lives.

God is the spirit of love. He cannot be directly found through extension cords that are preachers or cult leaders. Extension cords to God often lead to mind-control and religious traps that were set by the Anti-Christ. You can only find God through your own heart and your own mind. Connect directly to the source of Light. Don't plug into some other person that claims to be plugged into God.

Aliens have been here since the beginning of life. They nurture the tree of knowledge. They created gods and demi-gods. These gods were often called angels and demons, amongst other things in ancient times. Aliens are diverse in good and evil just as humans are. There is no entire species that is all good or all evil.

I have had many near-death experiences throughout my life. During these experiences, I have had visions that have compelled me to write this book. The world is nearing a breaking point. The world must learn to get along before it self-destructs. We must learn to love one another, despite differences of opinions. We must learn how to connect directly to God's light, before all is lost in darkness forever.

There are many misconceptions in religion that try to breed the seeds of hate in the hearts of humanity. This is why religion is the Anti-Christ. Religions were created to divide our species and to cause us to hate one another. We should be free to believe what we want and to follow our own hearts in spirituality. But we should not impose our beliefs onto others or threaten their souls, when no human being has authority to cast a soul into Hell anyway. Nor does anyone, other than God, know the fate of any given soul. So imposing religion with fear and intimidation only furthers the Anti-Christ's mission to divide and cause hatred and wars.

In this book, I point out what has been ignored for thousands of years. Here is my peace message. May you see what hate is really doing in this world. May you take my words and learn to love one another instead of destroying one another.



About the Author
Hazielle LeDawn is 28 years old. She has been writing since she was 5 years old. She has been seeing ghosts since she was 8 years old. She began having visions when she was 12 years old.



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