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Dream Stories: Recovering the Inner Mystic by Connie Caldes and Kellie Meisl

Dream Stories: Recovering the Inner Mystic

by Connie Caldes and Kellie Meisl

220 pages
Healing and mystical shamanic dream stories shared between two friends

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Category: Spirituality And Psychology
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About the Book
A collection of personal stories shared between two women, which span a decade and weave friendship, cycles of birth and death, breast cancer, inter-generational healing, instruction, teaching and recovery together through dreams, art, shamanic practice and imaginative writing.

“…beautifully written. Both Connie and Kellie brilliantly reveal to us the powerful depth of the dreamworld and how using dreamwork and shamanism brought healing as they faced challenging moments in their lives. This book is a great inspiration for those searching for meaning or confronting illness.”

- Sandra Ingerman, author of "Soul Retrieval" and "How to Heal Toxic Thoughts"

“Writers Connie Caldes and Kellie Meisl have spent the last decade embarked on the most sacred of journeys, deep into the stuff of dreams, and the power of inner wisdom, intuition and the subconscious to heal what ails us. Luckily for the rest of us, these two multi-talented women – who have spent years in dreamwork and shamanistic training – have invited us to accompany them on their rich and fascinating journeys. In 'Dream Stories: Recovering the Inner Mystic,' we follow the ways of the ancestral shaman, and learn how spiritual healing, meditative walking, artistic expression, and a deep engagement with animal spirits can rectify the soul, and restore health and authentic power to our being. This book takes us into the deepest whirlwind of discovery that emerges when two people take very seriously the lessons imparted by their extraordinary nightly visions. At a time in history when so many of us are missing ancient wisdom, we all stand to benefit from a book that shows us the way back to the dream and spirit worlds and how they unlock our innermost fears and longings, as well as the keys to healing. Follow Caldes and Meisl into the chapters of their dream worlds and soon you will be launched on your own journey of the soul.”

- Claudia Ricci, Ph.D., author, "Dreaming Maples," & faculty instructor in English and Journalism, University at Albany, SUNY.

Dream Stories is an inspiring account of a deep friendship, one informed by dream sharing. Connie Caldes and Kellie Meisl have given their readers accounts of workshop experiences, cancer scares, and personal transformations that resulted from their intensive work with dreams. They have also provided exercises, artwork, and wisdom, all woven into a tapestry of creativity, imagination, and an openness to life's possibilities.”

- Stanley Krippner, Ph.D., co-author, "Extraordinary Dreams and How to Work with Them"


I purchased Dream Stories because the sample chapters intrigued me. Once I bought it, I found myself reading it instead of doing the list of activities planned for the day. Interesting, insightful, and useful, this book helps readers learn how to use their dreams to understand themselves better, to appreciate synchronicity or seeming 'coincidence', and to become acquainted with the healing power of dreams.
- Beth M., Web Developer
Connie Caldes and Kellie Meisl have co-authored a deeply interesting book about how to heal oneself and others through dreamwork, journalling and following one's own intuitive path to healing. The two women share chapters as they take you through Connie's cancer experience, their deepening friendship and Kellie's passion for painting. I love the title of one of her chapters, "Garden In Your Slippers, Paint In Your Pajamas." Their book is rich with personal stories and examples of how their waking lives are informed by their dream lives and how this leads to self-unity. If you are ready to begin recording your dreams and using their wisdom to heal your life, get a copy of this book.
- Vicki Woodyard, Nurturing the Now



About the Author
Connie Caldes is a shamanic practitioner, dreamworker, Reiki master and chemical engineer. She is a breast cancer survivor who diligently promotes awareness in her community.

Kellie Meisl is a teacher, artist and shamanic dreamworker. She teaches DreamArt in her community and is a committed volunteer in the local public schools.



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