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Get That Grant! The Quick-Start Guide to Successful Proposals by Gail R. Shapiro and Carla C. Cataldo

Get That Grant! The Quick-Start Guide to Successful Proposals

by Gail R. Shapiro and Carla C. Cataldo

74 pages
Concise, comprehensive guide to writing professional, successful grant proposals.

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About the Book
To learn how to write winning grant proposals, you don’t have to plow through hundreds of pages of prose. This is the book for you!

GET THAT GRANT! offers expert advice in eight example-filled, easy-to-follow lessons which help both beginners and seasoned professionals write proposals with the best chance of funding success for their non-profit organizations.

Drawn from the authors’ experience writing hundreds of winning proposals, as well as from many unsuccessful ones, GET THAT GRANT! enables busy people to efficiently create polished, successful proposals – even if you never have written a proposal in your life!

Step-by-step, you will learn how to:

* Construct a compelling case statement
* Understand and correctly use current terminology
* Identify sources of foundation and government funding
* Find the funder that best meets your organization’s needs
* Consider whether or when to collaborate with another organization
* Evaluate your program or project
* Build a realistic budget and write a clear budget narrative
* Customize your proposal for specific funders for the best chance of success
* Know what to do when you get the grant – and when you do not.

Instructive examples will help you develop clear goals, objectives, timelines, budgets, evaluation measures, and even a logic model – all essential components of competitive, successful proposals. Learn to write proposals simply, quickly, and without jargon.

Unclear writing keeps important financial resources from reaching non-profits with good missions and the populations they serve. If you are going to take the time to submit a proposal, take the time to maximize your chance of funding success.

And for those interested in learning more about proposal writing as a career, GET THAT GRANT! provides useful tips to help you enter this rewarding field. These are but a few of the reasons why this crisp, comprehensive guide is the ONLY book you’ll need to write your first proposal.

The grant world keeps changing – and both non-profits and funders are challenged by today’s tough economy. To keep abreast of current trends in the funding world, you need GET THAT GRANT!



About the Author
Gail R. Shapiro, Ed.M, and Carla C. Cataldo, M.P.P., offer consulting services to non-profit organizations. Together they have 55 years of experience writing successful proposals in education, health, human services, transportation, the arts, and other fields. They have taught hundreds of students nationwide how to write polished, winning grant proposals.



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